About me

The year was 1970 and I became a dog owner for the first time, nine years old. In 1977, I acquired my first German Shepherd, whom I competed actively in in the 1970s and 1980s. After him there have been many lovely dogs, mostly German Shepherds but in recent years also Chodsky Pes and White Swiss Shepherd dog.
Over the years I have been involved with competition, Police dogs, Army patroldogs and mental tests.
During the 1990s, I was a dog handler in the Swedish Armed Forces and raised two of my dogs to certified patrol dogs. At that time, we also had some sharp assignments when searching in collaboration with the police, but also guarding missions for civil purpose.
For many years, I have also regularly held training courses in puppy development and everyday obedience for dog owners.

The kennel

Started in 2001 with the goal of breeding healthy German Shepherds suitable for use in practice and service. The same year, Janaland's first litter was born and thereafter about one to two litters per year were born with the prefix Janalands.
In recent years, the breed Chodsky Pes has also been included in the kennel.


The puppies are raised in a home environment and all puppies are given their own time for development and stimulation. To promote social development, the puppies always have access to their mother and older siblings until delivery at 8-9 weeks. Here are also several "nannys" that help to lovingly nurture the little ones.

All puppies undergo a small puppy test before delivery. This is done as a guide to the correct choice of puppy and to be able to handle the puppy's various conditions after delivery.

All kennel dogs receive the best care. They all are familymembers and lives with me in my home.

All puppies are sold insured, registered, vet inspected, vaccinated and ID marked in accordance with SKK's agreement.

Breeding goals
To breed healthy, willing, persistent and stable dogs that are suitable for service but also for those who are looking for a strong and willing companion for competition.

The dog must not be burdened by environments. It must have good nerves and good reactions. Social fighting spirit should be more towards great than moderate, and this also applies to intensity and persistence in all work. It must withstand mental and physical stress and be enduring. The compressive strength should be high and the hardness in proportion to the other properties. Great consideration is also given to nose work and willingness to cooperate.
The dog's characteristics should be proportionate to each other in a way that benefits the dog's ability to work.

The ideal is an exterior that conforms to the breed standard without exaggerations and a physique that does not in any way affect health.
The dog should be mobile, steady and robust with normal proportions and healthy joints.

Health is something you do not compromise on. The goal is healthy dogs with a good immune system that can be active up to old age without any health problems. To the greatest extent possible, prospective breeding animals as well as their parents and siblings are controlled.

Working qualities
Dependability is a must for a policedog who often only gets a chance to succeed with the task. A good nose work and a high level of reliability is an absolute necessity for a dog to work. This is why special consideration is given to this in the breeding selection. Endurance is valued very highly.

I attach great importance to combining parent animals that fit together as individuals as well as bloodline. This means well-planned matings where the advantages and disadvantages are carefully weighed against each other and where it has been possible to obtain information about siblings and other relatives. Also, the maternity mat's suitability to give the puppies a good start in life is taken into account.
The breed is based only on healthy and mentally strong individuals who come from healthy litters with high work ability.

Basic requirements for you as a puppy buyer:
As puppy buyer you will agree to X-ray and MH-test your dog before the age of 2 years.
Your intention are to keep the dog for its entire life and you primarily turn to me if for some reason you can not keep the dog.

Of course, I also expect you to treat your friend with respect and give it a good and loving life.


Indra & Plexus 2001 From my very first litter


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